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Full Terms and Conditions

1. Each player (or group) must purchase a ticket for an available tee time online at,subject to availability.

2. The cost to play is from $89 (incl. GST). A booking fee is applied to each ticket.

3. All registration payments are final and non-refundable.

4. The event is open to all ages, but anyone 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult playing in the same group. All players require a paid ticket.

5. Players can book as individuals or up to four players per tee group. Players who book individually or less than four players will be allocated into a group of four (at their tee time of choice).

6. All players must register their arrival at the Clubhouse no later than 30 minutes prior to their registered tee time.

7. A confirmed registration tee time permits each player to participate in the scored nine-hole stadium golf course (three shots per hole, all shots are scored) and one Clubhouse Putt (to be putted out) commencing with a shot gun start at the registered tee-time. A total of ten holes.

8. The tee time session will be conducted under stop clock conditions with a total session time of 94 minutes (5 minutes per hole, per group = 1.15 minute per player; 4 minutes to move to the next hole).

9. At the end of each 5-minute hole time play must stop to allow the Adelaide Oval team to clear all balls from the oval surface.  The hitting of any balls during this 4-minute break is strictly prohibited and may result in the removal of offending players from the Event.

10. Entry to the oval surface is strictly prohibited.

11. Players are not permitted to bring their own balls or clubs. All equipment will be provided.

12. All players must follow the instruction and direction of Adelaide Oval and Australian Golf Digest staff and caddies at all times.

13. All players must comply by the format and rules of the Event which will be available on the website in the lead-up to the Event, at the Clubhouse on the day of the Event and will be emailed to players prior to the Event.

14. 2019 Hole-In-One Competition:

I. The first 10 (TEN) Amateur Men and/or Amateur Ladies who hit a hole-in-one on holes 1 to 9 throughout the week (October 5 to October  12, 2019) will qualify to compete in the Shoot-out for AUD$250,000 cash prize on Saturday 12 October 2019 at the completion of the day’s play. The longest putt / putting challenge is excluded from qualifying for the Shoot-out.

II. Each qualifying Amateur player (first 10 to qualify by scoring a hole-in-one during the week’s play) will have one supervised swing on the nominated 105m hole; Any player that scores a hole-in-one from their designated swing, will win $250,000.

III. Should more than 10 hole in ones occur in normal competition then the first 10 only will qualify – those that score the 11th / 12th / 13th etc will be classified as the 1st Reserve, 2nd Reserve, 3rd Reserve etc in the order that their hole in one is recorded

IV. If the player qualifies for the hole in one event and either cannot make it or is late to the event (or does not arrive before 5.15pm – Saturday 12th October) then that player forgoes his spot in the shootout.

V. The hole in one promotion is open to Amateurs only – golfers who are members of any professional golfing bodies, anywhere in the world are not eligible to win a spot into the shootout.

VI. Each player will have only 1 attempt at the designated hole at the shootout hole– no practice shots will be allowed. The player must also use the equipment provided and not bring their own clubs and balls. Each player is allowed to bring their own golf glove is allowed.

VII. It should be noted that the final shootout will be recorded for insurance purposes and the participants will need to give permission for the recording to take place. Each shot at the shootout will be witnessed by an independent registered loss adjuster.

a. All shots played for the prize money on Saturday 12 October 2019 will be independently witnessed and filmed.

b. Maximum of one (1) shot played for prize money per player.

c. Standard PGA equipment will be used

d. The minimum yardage from tee to the pin is 105 metres.

e. The hole will not be modified from its original state for this competition.

VIII. Strict conditions and playing terms apply;

IX. Pro golfers are ineligible to compete in the Hole-In-One Competition and $250,000 prize money.

15. All players participate at their own risk.

16. Adelaide Oval’s Conditions of Entry apply.

17. All event information and terms and conditions are correct at time of print and are subject to change.